Ghost Recon Credits It seems Ubisoft can bring their honor series Tom Clancy’s to a new height by their new chapter Ghost Recon Wildlands which is also on PC PS4 and Xbox One. As a tactical combat video game Ghost Recon run in a third-person perspective in default setting but gamers can apply it to first person view. Many gamers cannot adapt first person view video game but still eager to play tactical shooting video game so Ghost Recon is a decent choice. Ghost Recon features numerous of high-tech modern thermal weapons like Sniper Rifle Shorty Shotgun Light Machine Gun etc. Open-world sicario-shooter Ghost Recon: Wildlands is still chugging along its dusty trail and is getting its fourth major update since its original release one year ago.

The new download which arrives today will bring three new classes to the game. Trappers help provide recon assistance and can set hazards to bring down patrolling enemies. Guerillas are a support class that can provide cover via smokescreens delivered from flying drones. Finally Stalkers are stealthy operatives who can mark the opposition without them even knowing that they have been spotted by the enemy.

Alongside the classes. Wildlands will be receiving two new maps for the game's Extraction mode: The Refinery a huge cocaine lab located in Bolivia and Cliffside looking out over the tranquil but deadly home-territory of Santa Blanca. Cheapest Ghost Recon Credits The patch will also bring a selection of bug-fixes and engine tweaks to the game's current build. Full details on these changes can be found right here.Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands is available now on PS4 PC and Xbox One.