Lil Chuckee - I\'m That Feature (2010)

01.lil chuckie-intro [00:28]
02.lil chuckie feat. tity boi and yo gotti-big money talk [04:58]
03.g fresh feat. lil chuckie and travis porter-nice day [04:17]
04.lil chuckie-pretty boy swag [02:19]
05.cortney heart feat. lil chuckee and magnolia shorty-my [04:00]
06.lil chuckie feat. lil twist-bounce with me [02:55]
07.ja-bar feat. lil chuckee-daze [03:43]
08.lil chuckie-so attracted [04:34]
09.lil chuckie feat. troop 41-john wall [04:50]
10.issa feat. lil chuckee-what they looking at [03:19]
11.block burners feat. lil chuckee-late at night [04:10]
12.lil chuckie-talk [00:24]
13.lil chuckie feat. lil ray-theme park [04:34]
14.lil chuckie feat. tk n cash-yum yum [03:09]
15.lil chuckie feat. jeff chery-who is dat [04:03]
16.lil chuckie feat. img-future bright [03:44]
17.lil chuckie feat. young rhome ja-bar and oj da [04:25]
juiceman-well damn
18.lil chuckie feat. jacob latimore issa and justin [02:51]
martin-camera phone
19.lil chuckie-outro [00:16]