Sword of Vengeance focuses on the life of one Invictus Thrax,
a Roman born into slavery, who eventually rose through the
ranks of gladiator battle to become the champion of all gladiators.
He was also once favored by the Roman emperor, who promised him
his eventual freedom. However, at the beginning of the game, we
learn that the emperor was mysteriously killed and replaced by
Arruntius, a sinful, vice-driven madman who has plunged Rome into
its darkest times. Arruntius has decided to demolish the city of
Rome in favor of a new capital city named Arruntium, to further
commemorate its unholy leader. To celebrate the demolition,
Arruntius stages a grand gladiatorial event, with Thrax at its
epicenter. Thrax fights valiantly but is inevitably killed at
the hands of an unseen and seemingly inhuman opponent.