Infragistics Ultimate 2020.1 with Samples & Help

Infragistics Ultimate 2020.1 with Samples & Help
x86,x64 | File Size: 2.13 GB

Infragistics Infragistics NetAdvantage Ultimate product INFRAGISTICS set or another set of professional components, comprehensive for NET.

Which has a set of tools for the design of Windows applications with interfaces such as Windows Forms, WPF and Windows 8 as well as Web-based platforms like ASP.NET, HTML5 and JQuery and more. With this design collection of many beautiful and professional user interfaces with complete facilities for various Windows applications, a variety of mobile phone applications and web pages is easily done

-Infragistics ASP.NET Controls

-(Infragistics Windows Forms Controls (WinForm

-Infragistics Windows UI Controls

-(Infragistics Ignite UI (HTML5 / jQuery Controls

-Infragistics WPF Controls

-Infragistics Silverlight Controls

-Infragistics Reporting Controls

-Infragistics iOS Controls

-Infragistics Android Controls

-Infragistics Windows Phone Controls

-Infragistics Indigo Studio

-Infragistics Icon Library

-Infragistics QuincePRO

-Infragistics SharePoint Controls

OS:Windows 10 32-bit/64-bit

-ASP.NET WebForms


-.NET WinForms

-.NET Class



-100% Managed Code

-Windows Run Controls




Visual Studio 2019

.NET Framework 4.7

-Silverlight 5