Soniccouture Xtended Piano Lite - Plucked Piano KONTAKT | 919 MB

This is a technique in which the piano notes are plucked, either with the fingers or a plectrum of some sort. We used a guitar pick and recorded plucked notes with both the piano dampers down and up. The picked sound is very clean and pure, and sounds very close to a harpsichord. Used with a KSP Strummer script it can sound Harp - like or guitar-like, depending on strumming action.
The collection also includes a bonus 'Hybrid ' Instrument, the Plucksichord. This features the plucked guitar undamped samples with the Key-off samples from Mute Piano. This produces an interesting harpsichord-eqsue behavior which can be heard in the 'Scarlatti' audio demo.
Open and Damped Samples - 5 Round robins per note
Keyswitched damping with individual level control
KSP Strummer Module for realistic strummed performance - move mod wheel to strum the piano
'Plucksichord' Hybrid bonus instrument
Full Synth Edit and Effects Panels

This is only The Plucked piano, for use you have to Add it in Kontakt with ''Add Library''

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