buy MUT Mobile Account Young: You know from being so close inside the industry I think gameplay and authenticity are always king. The graphics and technology you need to even pull off a story of this cinematic quality and the tech to allow the characters to actually express themselves. So it was a little bit about allowing the tech to catch up and personally for me as a sports gamer I feel like sports were scratching the competition itch or the fantasy of control but maybe wasn't delivering the emotional investment I'd get from playing a Last of Us or Telltale Game.

Im going to play football whether its this years installment or last years.Im not a fan of being a hater on a Sub I know that effort does in fact go into these games no matter how much we get frustrated at the Developer. So really the game is playable; there are without a doubt glitches and annoyances. Alot of the AI complaints you see here are definitely true repeatable (which SHOULD mean they be fixed).

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