BMW Inpa / Ediabas + DIS 2006 Multilingual

BMW Inpa / Ediabas + DIS 2006 Multilingual | 8.72 GB

Engineering Complex BMW Inpa / Ediabas until recently used by the staff of all departments and branches of the BMW to develop, debug, and test electronic control units produced by the concern of all vehicles.

In addition to the engineering functions of the complex also has a comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. Thanks to its original purpose scanner provides access to any vehicle ECU. Functions for reading the real-time parameters and test actuators can verify the correctness of any control, whether it be a button or a potentiometer. If desired, you can track the position of each damper climate control unit, or adjust the volume using the radio is connected through the diagnostic socket of a PC.

The software complex has a modular design consisting of a diagnostic module interface (connects vehicle and scanner), module coding, network module (allows you to run diagnostics from a remote computer on the LAN), an emulator of the individual control units, interpreter and compiler diagnostic scripts. The latter function is particularly interesting because it allows you to perform as a ready-made diagnostic algorithms, and create your own. Despite the complexity of the software system it was very detailed documented. However most of the descriptions drawn up in German. Diagnostic Interface Language - English or German.

Unlike previous versions of Inpa / Ediabas v5.0, as well as subsequent versions (5.0.2 and others) - a full 32-bit applications Windows, no problems running under Win98, NT and XP, as well as VISTA and Win7 (in compatibility mode for XP).
The list of cars that are supported by the interface OBD: E36 (some), E38, E39, E46, E52, E53, E60, E65, E83, E85, E87, E90, Mini R50, Rolls Royce RR1
The list of cars that are supported by the interface ADS: E31, E32, E34, E36
The list of cars that are supported by an interface D-Can: E60, E61 from 03/2007; E83 from 09/2006; E81, E87 from 03/2007; E90, E91, E92, E93 from 03/2007; E70/E71; R56
The list of supported ECU: All the BMW unreleased until now (our cards can work with INPA BMW F-Series - contact us to set up).

The functionality of the device:

Identification of the parameters of the ECU;
Read fault codes;
Removing trouble codes;
Read the real-time parameters;
Reading the contents of the memory control unit;
Monitoring compliance with codes, VIN and mileage in the memory of various ECM;
Coding of ECU;
Activation of the actuators;
Emulation of the various control units;
Activation / deactivation of engineering functions.

When using the scanner must be careful. The program contains special features and engineering regimes, such as preservation of various ECM to reduce power consumption for long-term parking lot. If you accidentally activate this feature most of the car electronics will go into "deep sleep" and you have to spend a lot of time for their re-activation. A thoughtless use of an interpreter when you create your own diagnostic algorithm in general can lead to unpredictable consequences.

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